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Our services can be used by a company that wants to control the shipments of its suppliers or by a company that has detected quality problems in its products, has not yet resolved them and does not want to transfer them to its customers.
We have a Quality Management System ISO 9001 Certificate that includes procedures, instructions and records that allow to document work methods and record their results.
Service Scope:

• Concern containment and rework – product verification
• Measurement and testing
• Goods receiving managed solutions
• End of line rework / Rectification
• Complex product inspection and test
• Warranty returns analysis
• Engine technical repair specialist (weld, mechanical, electrical).
• Contained Shipping Level 1 and 2

We perform:

Inspections and Rework

• ESEP Service (GM, etc.)
• Parts Selection and Inspection
• Rework of defective parts and assemblies
• Resident / Antenna Service
• Immediate Assistance in Terminals
• Campaigns in logistics fields and ports
• Control of Raw Material Reception
Other Quality Services

• Autoparts Commercial Representation
• PPAP Folder Assembly
• Technical assistance
• Logistic Projects
• Outsourcing of productive processes
• Assembly and sequencing Just in Time

Contact Us

For any questions you may call us at the following numbers:
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From Buenos Aires: 5291-8560 / 5291-8561
Rest of the country: 0800-122-0169
Outside the country: +5411-5291-8560 / +5411-5291-8561
Cramer 4334, oficina 2 C1429AKF Buenos Aires Argentina

Tel.: +54 9 11 36911140
Ruta Nacional 9 KM 278, Alvear - Santa Fe

Tel.: +54 9 351-497.9635
Av. A. Sabattini 5301 - (CP. 5020) - Córdoba Capital


Campinas -São Paulo
Tel.: 55 19 3534-7624 / 3534-8924 / 99784-4027
Av. Princesa D’Oeste, n°1725 / 71 – Jd. Proença

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